The list of websites on the following pages has been assessed and commented on by English language teachers at the LMU. All sites have been rated in terms of how useful they were considered to be for non-native speaker language learners.

Rating: ***** = excellent | **** = very good | *** = good | ** = useful | * = could be useful

Top five links for learning English

  1. Jobline LMU
    Website developed by Jobline LMU project. It gives tips, advice and courses on how to write successful job applications and be interviewed in English.
  2. The Guardian (UK)
    Politically left of centre quality newspaper, very good for job advertisements and excellent search archive.
  3. The Economist (UK)
    A political magazine which deals with current events on an international scale. Includes opinions on world affairs.
  4. Cambridge Dictionaries
    This site includes a learner's dictionary as well as separate dictionaries for American and British English.
  5. BBC Online
    BBC site specifically made for learners of English with radio, video, grammar explanations, and tests.